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Treat yourself this weekend

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So you've spent another hard week at work, slaving away on the computer, and the weekend has rolled around again. You're sick of spending all your time at the pub, and the weather forecast for your treasured days off isn't looking great anyway. So, what's the plan? Do you go out (yet again), trying to meet people you probably won't like anyway, or do you make the most of the creature comforts of home, by staying in and get cosy? We think the latter. Why? Because home is home. It is your sanctuary, and nowhere else should feel more inviting. So, instead of dealing with the loudmouths at the pub, or the crowds on the high st, take the time to enjoy life's simple pleasures, all from the comfort of your own home.

A good book

Vintage Bedroom Hege in France Dormitorios
Hege in France

Vintage Bedroom

Hege in France

There is nothing quite like a Saturday or Sunday morning spent lying in bed, with a hot cup of tea and a good book. Reading has many documented benefits, from reducing stress, stimulating the mind, expanding your vocabulary, increase in focus and memory improvement, to name just a few. Better yet, it is readily available, and it's free. There's no place quite like your own bed, so kick back and let the mind wander off into another world, transported by nothing other than a great book.

Roast season

Belgravia Meltons Comedores de estilo clásico



If entertaining is your thing, it would have been a sad day seeing your guests leave on the day you were hoping (albeit wishfully) that would not be the last summer bbq, but you knew in your heart it was. Not to worry, as entertaining is just as fun inside, and a great way to spend time with friends when the weather does not allow us to be outside anymore. With roast season upon us, time to crank up the oven and fill it with all the meat and vegetables you can find. So, bring out your best table cloth and finest dinner set to gather and feast with those who are closest to you.

Royal bath

Bay window bath framed with LED uplighters Brilliant Lighting Baños de estilo ecléctico
Brilliant Lighting

Bay window bath framed with LED uplighters

Brilliant Lighting

What better way to waste away the dreary days than in a deep, decadent tub such as this fine example. Pictured is an extravagant tub fit for royalty, bowed at either end to accentuate its grandeur. No bathtub for soaking in would be complete without some form of mood lighting. The illumination in this picture is provided by Brilliant Lighting, a lighting design firm who recognise the importance of lighting and the mood it can create in the bathroom, and indeed any room of your home. With some bath salts, essential oils or bubbles, this spot is the perfect way to spend a quiet evening in, letting your toes and fingers shrivel to prunes.

Quiet drink

So you want to stay away from the local pub or bar, but still can't go without a drink? Not to worry, get some close friends around for a quiet beer, wine, or lash out on some easy to drink aged whisky. This fine example of a drinks cabinet exudes class and elegance, sure to impress anybody visiting for a drink or two

Fine fragrance

Oriental Calm Aromatherapy Candle homify HogarAccesorios y decoración

Oriental Calm Aromatherapy Candle


If relaxing at home is your thing, then you will well and truly know the effects burning a candle can have on your mood. Be it any normal candle, or a scented candle such as those available on Anthea's Home Store, the positive effects of burning a candle is widely known. Scented candles add an even more approving warmth, stimulating the senses, adding visual effect as well as tingling your sense of smell. This candle from Coco Mangai is named 'Oriental Calm', with fragrances of chamomile and white tea, which will invigorate and entice you to stay indoors, bathing in its aromas.

New wardrobe?

Canton De Vaud, Switzerland Ardesia Design Walk in closets de estilo rústico
Ardesia Design

Canton De Vaud, Switzerland

Ardesia Design

So the seasons have changed, but has your wardrobe? If you're really looking to splash out this weekend, why not treat yourself to a new outfit? Especially if your dressing room is as grand the one pictured, you are going to need to fill those shelves with something!

Movie day

Television has become something of a national pastime, and for good reason. Be with friends or loved ones, watching programmes, films or sport, spending time on the couch in front of the box is a great way to spend a lazy weekend. We love this media room complete with comfy couches, large tv hidden in the wall, and the mood lighting on the ceiling, resembling a clear night with bright stars.

Caveman's t.v.

Neofocus Fire homify SalasChimeneas y accesorios

Neofocus Fire


When you're feeling guilty for spending too much time in bed, its o.k to migrate to the living room, and pick up where you left off. This time, in front of the fire, with the subtle sounds of wood cracking as it burns, under the blanket with the cat on your lap.

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