What kind of kitchen should I have for my personality?

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What kind of kitchen should I have for my personality?

Lindsay Whitney Lindsay Whitney
Orford | A Classic Country Kitchen With coastal Inspiration Cocinas de estilo clásico de Davonport Clásico
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While the bedroom and the bathroom are the most intimate rooms of the house, the kitchen is definitely the place that reflects who we are most, mirroring our daily habits of coming and going, eating, cooking, cleaning and socialising. 

This is why we at homify have put together a little how-to manual for choosing a kitchen that fits your personality. And by 'personality', we mean your general temperament which articulates itself through your lifestyle and dining habits. Are you a dedicated socialite-chef or a career-oriented, on-the-go eater? We've parsed out a few different kitchen personality types, starting with the casual and laid back. Read on!

1. Casual and laid back

The easy-going, laid back personality is also an easy-going kitchen goer. If this is you, you probably do not care too much about having the most luxurious kitchen in the neighbourhood, but you do care about being able to make simple, good food without too much fuss. 

Choose effortless features for your kitchen, like easy access rubbish bins, easy-to-clean countertops and large, open shelving so that you can cook, clean, quickly stack the dishes on a shelf and forget about it. Most importantly, do not get sucked into buying loads of trendy kitchen objects that will just clutter your kitchen and make maintaining it a headache.

2. For the organiser

Bespoke oak larder Cocinas de estilo rural de homify Rural

Bespoke oak larder


The organiser's kitchen personality is best personified with lots of storage and cabinetry for optimal organisational utility. You take the greatest pleasure in a neat and orderly home, because you enjoy being the master of whatever environment you find yourself in. 

In order to make things easier for yourself though, do invest in built-ins over stand-alone carts of shelving units which will only clutter your perfect kitchen -- and you will not be comfortable at all.

3. The socialite

Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration Cocinas de estilo clásico de Davonport Clásico Madera Acabado en madera

Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration


You are bubbly, nearly always in a mood for having people around and you love entertaining. The kitchen fit for you should open out onto the dining area and, ideally, also onto the living area so that you can chit chat with dinner and party guests while you whip up the grub. 

Get yourself a kitchen island and a large dinner table and your kitchen will easily become the warmest social centre of your house.

4. The explorer

A modern kitchen with all the newest technologies and appliances is going to best serve the explorers – those bold, spunky and adventurous personalities that strive to be the first to use or discover new things and new trends. 

You would have been the first of your friends to try a bidet in your bathroom or install an espresso machine in your kitchen as soon as they hit the market. Strong, fiery colour schemes suit your ideal kitchen best, down to the last pot.

5. The sentinel

Sentinel personalities are logical, fastidious people who are usually always working on something. You are the career people or project people. It is likely that you see nothing wrong with mashing on your dinner while also working on your latest task. 

You should choose a kitchen that reflects your busy activities, and that accommodates with things like a large dining table, big enough for food and work things. Up-to-date kitchen appliances make for faster food preparation and a large cork board in your kitchen will make your kitchen into a cosy office with food -- what else does a hard-working person need?

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