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Norfolk Tower, 48-52 Surrey Street
NR1 3PA Norwich
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My wife took a day off work, waited all day no delivery. Emailed Cotswold twice no response, or apology. Received item still waiting for apology
Hace 6 meses
Still no delivery on an item order on 16th May. Courier team turned up with my item but refused to deliver as I live in an apartment. I had specifically ordered item through a store, sent photos of the entrance to my apartment building and apartment itself and received confirmation that delivery would take place. After 5 days of calls to store and customer services I still don't know where the desk is or when I will receive it. Poor service, poor delivery, poor customer service. Could do so much better! Oh and of course the company have had my funds for nearly 10 weeks!
Hace 5 meses
Shocking! Paid£525 and received a damaged tv unit, initially offered a repair company but declined as took 3 weeks. Accepted exchange with item going though “quality control “! And arrived damaged in exactly same corner. Delivery company were careful and helpful and offered me a doorstep discount which I accepted as can’t bare to go through same happening. However still waiting as discount has to be given by Cotswold and they take forever to answer emails.. really not sure if I will get discount and left with tv unit with a smashed corner. Will avoid ever shopping here again!!!
Hace 7 meses