Fontane ornamentali da giardino in pietra e marmo | homify
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Fountains in stone and marble

Our Experience together at our modern equipments  allow us to produce large fountains, from the most classical style, like monument fountains, to the most modern, such as Zen fountains, wall fountains or circular fountains, and ready-to-go projects equipped with all the necessaries: lights, motors etc., or else just supply the marble.

Among our creations, the ones which stand out are certainly our ‘baroque’ garden fountains in marble and polychrome stone. Thanks to the years of study and research carried out across the whole of Sicily in search of of works dating back to the so-called ‘Sicilian baroque’, a period characterised by an almost explosive use of colour through the use of semi-precious and colourful stones such as Sicilian jaspers, we have been able to learn and rediscover the use of techniques and stones which had been forgotten. We are able to offer them once again, in an exclusive and original way, to our clients. Today we are one of the few Italian companies to use the difficult relief inlay technique. The production of these fountains requires months of manual labour and detailed work: we are proud to be able to offer our clientele a truly ‘made in Italy’ product, from artisan Italian manual skill and creativity.